Think / Pro: Aristotle’s 5 Essentials

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, has 5 Essentials for every story.

Now, when he claimed these 5 make for great literature, he was looking at famous dramas of ancient Greece.  And he was right.

These 5 Essentials are revelatory for characters.  While we can view the 5 as plot elements, they are actually plot requirements that open up the characters to the audience.

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 Think Like a Pro:  New Advent for Writers

Advice for the Week:  Looking for the Essentials?  Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel.  Learn from those who have gone before.

Who’s gone before?  Aristotle.  An ancient geeky Greek philosopher.  Aristotle rocks for writers struggling with character.

This week we start looking at 5 + 5 Essentials for Characters that the ancient Greek Aristotle first offered.



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Summer Challenge

2 covers to choose from: ~ beautiful flowers or the guiding lamp

Summer challenge time!  Are you ready to transform?

If you’ve dreamed of writing professionally–making $$$ from your words–the time is now.

But how?  What are the steps?  How do I avoid distractions and the dreaded writer’s block?  Where can I find creative exercises?  When do I know I’m no longer a hobby writer and that I am a pro?

Who can help?

Well, bud, you help yourself, but here’s a manual that can help you Think like a Pro. 

Think like a Pro guides your growth through 7 lessons.  From deadlines to multi-tasking, Think like a Pro gives advice, tips, and tricks.

  • The # 1 lesson for success
  • A mantra to keep bum in chair
  • Choosing a plot
  • Essentials for characters
  • Conquering Writer’s Block
  • Sparking Creativity
  • Healthy Habits for projects, for yourself, and for the money you earn

Stop procrastinating, and achieve your dream.  Like the writer M.A. Lee, in three short years you can become a published writer of more than 12 novels.

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Also available is the Think / Pro planner, a daily companion to keep your goals on track.

With an undated layout, you can start anytime and skip any vacation weeks.  The two-page weekly spread offers progress meters, word count trackers, healthy habits monitors, and monthly, seasonal, & yearly reviews and previews.  Record your victories.  Analyze your challenges.  Determine your productivity.

The Think / Pro planner and the Think like a Pro book will encourage your transformation from hobbyist to professional writer.