The third Fantasy in an Alternate medieval World,
part of the Seasons in Sansward

When a Gitane WitchMaster pursues two Frenc spies who stole a sphere of power, can a half-trained mage and a simple temple cleric help them escape?


Just as their cover is blown, the spies Rolf and Catal stumble upon a greater secret:  the Kaerrefiorne, a blood-fed globe that will connect every Gitane Witch.  They steal the last orb that will complete the connection and escape into snow-smothered Arlas.

When Catal is severely wounded, two clerics at a Protectorate temple outpost become the Frenc spies only hope.  Legeeta and Niijai, a Green mage with unschooled powers, do not know they harbor Frenc spies.

Rolf takes the orb to the border to keep it from the pursuing Watrani.  He is not an hour from the temple when the troop arrives. 

With the Watrani is Keipven, a WitchMaster.  He recognizes Niijai’s magic as a potent replacement for the orb.  If he can bend her power to his will, his own puissance increases.  If he can twist her to sorcery, the Gitane become

Will Catal be discovered and killed as a spy? that much stronger against the Mages.  If he can neither control her nor twist her, then he will kill her.

Will Rolf stumble into the Watrani when he returns?

And will Niijai be destroyed by Keipven, alive and enslaved to his plans or bloody and dead on the snowy fields of Arlas?

The second Book
in the Season in Sansward Quarternary

by Edie Roones

The Green mage Saisha and Hethan, a master swordsman, find themselves entangled in a dark dame’s spells.

They are drawn together at a harvest festival.  They free a wounded Prica, a man cursed in the shape of a wolf.  Yet neither expects to see the other ever again.

Yet when Hethan returns to his home keep, a dark dame ensorcels him to track down a mage.  She wants to reincarnate herself in the mage’s younger body.

The dame’s dark spells bring them back together.  Can Saisha disentangle Hethan from the sorcery?  Or will she be trapped and turned into a wraith while the dark dame inhabits her body? 


This week is one of the oldest celebrations of the Christian church.

Holy Week, the days before Easter, is more celebrated than any other festival of Christianity.  It began to be commemorated before 100 years passed after Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection.[1]

  • Holy Monday
  • Holy Tuesday
  • Spy Wednesday and the Tenebrae
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Black Saturday

These six days between Christ’s triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, which we call Palm Sunday, and his Resurrection on Easter juxtapose grief with elation, torture with dancing, cries of “It is finished” with “Hallelujah!”

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Changing churches will change your life

Wanting More

MORE:  is that what I’ve been looking for?

I try to be Minimalist, truly I do.  But part of me needs MORE.

I found MORE in my reading and writing:  using symbols, teaching students about symbols, looking for those hidden meanings in words and images.

My spiritual side was neglected, however.  It’s taken me years to find where MORE would be constantly fed.

Trying to feed my spirit by myself worked enough to keep me going, but it wasn’t enough.  I needed MORE.

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Plan to Write Every Day 

Deadlines help us reach our goals.  We plan our goal:  brownies, racing, church service.  Then we listen for the ding of the oven that lets us know the brownies are ready.  Or we look for the checkered flag at the finish line of the Brickyard 500.  We bow our heads for the benediction at the end of a service, when some people have their hearts already out the door. 

We aim for the deadlines and drive and drive until the end.

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