This information comes from Think like a Pro: New Advent for Writers, by M. A. Lee and Emily R. Dunn, available on Amazon Kindle.


Planning the Work and Working the Plan is Lesson 2 in Think like a Pro.

This is the only way to Work Every Day.

How do we transform ourselves from hobbyist to professional?  How do we change theThink like a Pro: New Advent for Writers by [Lee, M.A., Dunn, Emily R.] mindset that our writing is for escape or entertainment?  If our goal is professional writer, how do we become a disciplined Pro?  The second lesson is to Plan the Work .

In our long “Winter of Discontent” with our writing, we need to follow the example of the crocus:  emerging from frozen snow to new life.

To help newbie writers achieve that goal, New Advent for Writers: Think like a Pro presents seven lessons as a guide for this transformation.  Like a two-hour seminar, these lessons will seem easy, but the practical application takes focus, persistence, and clear thinking.

Chapter 1 covers deadlines (One Scary Word).

The second chapter presents the importance of daily writing.  Tolstoy kept this motto on his desk: Nulla dies sine linea.  This is One Latin Phrase that greatly helps writers.

Chapter 3 examines the models or patterns that every writer depends upon (One Guiding Decision) while Chapter 4 reminds us to learn from those who’ve gone before (One Ancient Greek).

In Chapter 5, entitled One Simple Injunction, the authors preach the great heresy of no excuses.

Chapter 6 (One Slice of Advice) explores how creativity can be sparked.

Chapter 7 discusses determination and resolutions.

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