Writers Ink welcomes you!

Based in the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia and East Tennessee, we are writers who have the mountains in our blood.  

Our cooperative of indie authors work together to critique and promote our books.  

We also offer advice, guidance, and editing services to other writers with our editorial division, Writers Ink Services (WIS).  

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The writers of Writers Ink Books

M. A. Lee ~ historical romantic suspense

Digging into Death ~ cozy mystery set in the 1920s, published Autumn 2016.

The second Into Death book, Christmas with Death, will publish in December 2017.

The Hearts in Hazard Series ~ English Regency mysteries

  1. A Game of Secrets ~ October 2015
  2. A Game of Spies ~ November 2015
  3. A Game of Hearts ~ December 2015
  4. The Dangers of Secrets ~ February 2017
  5. The Dangers for Spies ~ March 2017
  6. The Dangers to Hearts ~ April 2017
  7. The Key to Secrets ~ coming January 2018
  8. The Key for Spies ~ coming May 2018
  9. The Key with Hearts ~ coming September 2018
  10. The Hazard for Hearts ~ coming in 2019
  11. The Hazard for Spies ~ 2019, too!
  12. The Hazard for Hearts ~ 2019, last of the series!
Edie Roones ~ fantasy in a medieval universe

“A Matter of Trust”, short story

The Seasons in Sansward Quarternary

  • Summer Sieges ~ published August 2015
  • Autumn Spells ~ published November 2016
  • Winter Sorcery ~ coming in February 2018
Remi Black ~ fantasy in a Renaissance universe

Summer 2017 :: Weave a Wizardry Web

Autumn 2018 :: Dream a Deadly Dream

Coming in 2018 :: Sing a Graveyard Song (early winter) and Dance to Bone-Edged Music (summer)

Five books are projected in the sequence, with two allied books in the idea stage.

Emily R. Dunn ~ editorial services through Writers Ink Services (WIS)
  • Developmental Editing of Poetry and Non-Fiction only :: We are here to help when you have trouble with direction, problems with theme, and difficulty with process.
  • Content Editing :: We can provide a beta critique of Poetry for content and structure; and Fiction for plot, characterization, story arc, symbols and motifs, etc.
  • Line Editing :: We will proofread and edit your finished project to create a polished manuscript.

Please link to WIS for more information :: http://writersinkservi.com/ Or click here.

Published with M.A. Lee and available on Amazon: 

Old Geeky Greeks: Write Stories with Ancient Techniques ~~ Spring 2017

Think like a Pro:  New Advent for Writers ~~ Fall 2017